How to search hotels

Some times searching hotels for the right destination can be compelling. There are scenarios where a certain destination name can match for more than destinations in different areas or countries.
e.g. searching hotels for Manchester can return different choices to select from. Apart from United Kingdom, Manchester is also present in more than one states of United States like:
Manchester, Connecticut
Manchester, Iowa
Manchester, New Hampshire
Manchester, Tennessee
Manchester Township, New Jersey
Manchester, Vermont
and also some small towns with name matching Manchester in other US states.

To find the hotels for the exact destination, you have to select the right choice. Hotel results are generally returned closest to the city center of the most famous city. e.g. search for London will return results for London in United Kingdom although London is also present in other countries. But some times , for the same area more than options are available - e.g. city center, shopping center or near by airport. When multiple options are returned, this actually helps to narrow down the results to the exact location.

Typo or spelling errors may also result in such scenarios. In such cases, we try to find the hotels for the location that best matches the search string. Rarely there might be chances where destination is misunderstood. To handle such cases we have developed a tool called search assistant that guides through the process of selecting the right destination. Find this tool here.

If the results are not being returned for the required exact location, its good idea to specify near by main location and then filter or sort the results.

We hope you find this guide useful.